Where’s the Milk?

In this sex game before Christmas, all the delicious biscuits with milk were sold. And the store had a problem – where to find milk? Your task is to help a sexy store manager with big tits to solve this issue with the delivery of milk. To do this, she will enjoy all of her enormous strengths: huge boobs with wide hips, long legs and a sexy porn star’s body!
Standing here I feel like a farm animal.Damn, it’s very uncomfortable and probably not that safe.Let’s get it done quickly.Sure, Mrs. Megamounds. Milk machine are ready.I’m terribly sorry, but I have to bare your breasts to set up the suction cups.Go ahead, you lil idiot. And wipe that grin off your smug face.Sure, ma-am, I’m sorry.You’re fucking idiot! Why the hell are you pulling so hard!? Do it gently.Holy shit! They’re increadable! So round.. So firm… So fully packed…What!?I’m sorry. I just meant to say your breasts contain enough amount of milk.Stop wasting my time and switch on this fucking device.First can is done… two more are coming.No-no-no. That’s enough for me. I can’t bear it any longer.Oh gosh… I’m so tired and nipples hurt as fuck.Let me out immediately!

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