Virtual sex games

Instructions: free sex game in both the filming and action.First start by undressing the girl,by clicking on her clothes and otherbody parts.Then when the action starts, movethe mouse left and right to controlthe movements on the screen. As you perform, the girl will get hotand the excitement meter will fill. But the meter will only fill a smallamount for each scene. You mustswitch to different scenes in order tofill it completely and win the game.Switch to different scenes by pushingthe NUMBER keys (1-9) on your keyboard. Things to remember:Push numbers 1-9 on your keyboardto switch scenes. You must find thecorrect sequence of scenes to moveon. The scenes aren’t always in order1 to 9. You might have to selectscene 6, then go back to 4 for example, or revisit a scene. If you’re in a scene and theexcitement meter is not filling, thengo to another scene. Do this untilyou find the right scene. There is nogame over or timer, so experiment.Once a scene is finished theexcitement meter will dim. This is a clue to move on. So… if you’re moving the mouse andthe meter is not filling, that meansyou’re in the wrong scene. Switch toanother.If the meter start filling, but has nowstopped and is dimmed in color, thatmeans you should move to a newscene. Once you fill the meter completely,you will be able to go to the interactive movie theater where you can view your finished porn games online.Have fun and click NEXT to start.

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