Virtual sex date with catherine

You make your way to your favorite club, recently brokeup with your girlfriend and looking for some action.Out of the crowd, you spota sexy redhead dancing byherself. This is the perfect opportunity! To advance story scenes like this one, click anywhere on the porn game screen. Hey there… I couldn’t help but notice that you are dancing by your self. Hey beautiful. What’s a gorgeous girl like you, dancing all by your self? Luckily I’m a great dancer too! Hi! Are you waiting for your boyfriend or are you alone? Make a choice between the dialog options. Your choices affect the rest of the sex game! Actually I’m here with my girlfriend but I would n’t mind some company. She left a while ago and hasn’t come back yet. She probably hooked up with some guy and forgot about me. A beautiful girl like yourself will have no problems hooking up with someone. What’s your name? Your girlfriend is dumb! Leaving you all by yourself…. so what’s your name? Well, I’ll be happy to keep you some comany. What’s your name? My name is Catherine.So what are you doing hereall alone? A handsome guylike you, should have a girlfriend or did you just splitup recently? Yea, I just split up with my long time girl friend. But seeing you here made me forget all about her.You’re very good! Yea, I just split up with my girl friend. Nah, I have a girl friend but I decided to check out the scene anyway. So lets see how well you can dance.I love guys who know how to dance, they turn me on so much!!!

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