The sex in prison

Travel through the alien ship by clicking on the arrow buttons that appear on screen. You may go straight,left, right, depending on the surrounding area. From time to time you may come across a dead end. Dead ends will teleport you back to the beginning of the level. You may also come across DOORS. Click on the doors to open them.More to follow, but for now, just explore the alien ship andsee if you can manage to find an exit!
Sex game start…Sally wakes up in a strangealien like dungeon. After arun in with some alien creatures, she is now wonderingthe halls all alone, looking for away out.
Damn! I wish my entity was here to help me. Hey! Where are you? I thought you said that you’d always be with me? I apologize for earlier! Ok? Did you call??? I accept your apology. Yousure got your self in a bigmess here, didn’t you?Sorry, I can only offer youadvice, that’s it! Where were you? Boy am Iglad to see you? Do you know where I am and evenmore important, how do Iget out of here?I am lost in these corridors. You are on some alien ship.Those Sea Side Manor girls must have special powers tobe able to send you in aplace like this. You should have been nicer to them! Only way to get out of hereis to make your way around these corridors until you get to the main control hub.I will be here to help you along the way. Alright… here I go then…I’ll just follow the walls.They have got to lead to some place. Just make sure to be here in case I need your help. Please?

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