Cat girl want sex

I can’t believe I’ve been assigned this agonizing job! Apparently, they had some stowaway girl, they had no idea that she got on the ship, and she would not cooperate with them at all. So they sent me to see what I could do. I just hope she’s not some crazy, dangerous alien. I’m an alien sausage from my previous tournament with them. Okay, I better check it out. They expect me to report some progress. It should be in that last cell … Hi? Hello! I’m a friend! I just want to talk to you, okay? I’m not here to hurt you, don’t be afraid. I don’t look like these ships. Holy Moses! Look at you! You’ve got a tail !!! You look so cute, but you’re too scared … Hey, you don’t have to lie to me … She probably doesn’t speak English, and I’m trying to talk to her … What does one call you? Kanya understand me at all? I LOVE! She doesn’t look very dangerous. I think I’ll open the door to the cell and go to it. She could have trusted the memories if I was there with her. Hello everyone! It’s okay, I beat you. I’m telling you what … I’m sitting on this chair so we can talk. Canyou out? Sit down so we can talk. Oh, Hey … I didn’t mean to fix you. You’re sure it’s creepy! Maybe you’re hungry? Here. .. I will put that mouthful of food on the floor … Hint: sometimes you will have a choice. Click one of the options to continue. Let me see … what am I supposed to feed you? – feed her some delicious cream! – serve her a salad with small pieces of chicken. I see you’re still afraid of everything. But you have to eat, or you’ll die. You don’t want to die? Try the food I gave you … I’m telling you what … I’ll leave you food. If you want to eat, go ahead. I’ll come back to visit you tomorrow. Please eat … Tip: sometimes you have to click a hotspot to perform an action, such as an arrow. Tip: hover your mouse pointer over hot spot to fill the orgasm bar on the right. Hehe … well, that’s one thing. She not only starved, but was too excited! I’d better leave her before she sees me. I’ll look at it later. Every time I checked every day on a mysterious conclusion of the cat, fed her and tried to gain her trust. Now in a week she will check it again. Hi! Looks like we’re making some headway. You’re not hiding anymore! Is it okay if I come to you for a while? Vide! I even brought you to myself so you don’t need to use your tail. It’s a Dildo and you can use it instead of a tail. Do you want it? Wow! I’m so glad you’re pushing me more. You feel very well too! Totaled made you very good! So what do you say? Do you like play sex games? Aha! So, you are interested in it! This is the best girlfriend girls, especially on a ship in space! It even has a small knobon key. Here I will show you how to use it!

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