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PREVIOUSLY…Tara, who works for the FBI has been informed that there’s a spy on Sea Side Manor.The FBI have narrowed down the suspects to the new girls that have recently arrived…this incudes, Catherine, Scarlett, Jenny and Selena.It is your job as Tara along with some help to find out who the spy is.Each of the suspects is being held in a separate room and you can move between therooms at any time. Please read the hints and instructions that appear throughout thegame to know how to play sex games 3d.You can also move between rooms by clicking on the girls’ portraits during any of thesex scenes.Good luck finding the spy. This will definitely change things for Sea Side Manor inmore ways than you can imagine! MAIN SELECT SCREEN: Choose which of the four girls you want to work on interrogating. Who are you and whyam I chained here like this???Let me go this instantor I will have to file acomplaint. Off with your clothesyou slut! I don’t havethe patience to play sex games with spies!Confess and you mayget to live! HINT: Take off her clothes… To remove her clothes, click and drag on them.
A spy? ME???What are you talkingabout? You don’t makeany sense. I think yougot the wrong girl here.Let me go!

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