3d sex game with witch

Heh… you two found me.I gotta say that I’m reallyimpressed how you figuredit out on your own, to takeover these bodies. Butyour trip here is wasted.I can’t help you. Sex flash game so far… from previous 3d sex games and cartoon sex games.Christie and Kim have had theirsouls extracted from their bodies.In order to survive, they took overTara and Amber’s bodies. Now theyhave come to the woman who didthis to them. She must return theirbodies or else!!!Please play the previous virtual sex games andread the comics to get the completestory and background.
Wow! You went from livingin the jungle to some hugepenthouse apartment.I guess you were faking itall along. We’re not leavinguntil we have our bodiesback!!! I was faking nothing! I amwho I said. I get paid toextract spirits and deliverthe empty bodies. But Idon’t know how to return the spirits back and that’sthe truth! For your sake, I hope thatyou’re lying. Because ifyou can’t help us, then wehave no use for you andwe can just get our revengeand kill you right here andnow! Returning a spirit to itsbody is beyond my ownknowledge. I can tell youwhere your bodies are butI can’t help you otherwise.And getting to your bodieswill be dangerous!

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