Sex house part 6

INSTRUCTIONS for sex game free: Please take a moment to read the instructions for start free sexy games.This sex games free online is all about stimulating the girls.But first you must remove their clothes. Todo this, click on each item of clothing, in thisorder: shoes, skirt, top, panties. Once thegirl is nude, you need to stimulate her twosensual spots: breasts and pussy. But wait,it’s not all so easy…To remove clothing: you must increase the GIVE UP meter to maximum, within the time limit. To do this LEFT CLICK your mouse pointer over the targetted hotspot FAST. The hotspot is the item or clothing or the specific body part.
To stimulate a body part: move your mousepointer over the hotspot/body part, back andforth in a smooth motion. Move it along withthe animation. For example if the dildo movesup and down, move the pointer up and down.If you manage to make it to the end, you must use the same technique to make the girlorgasm, then and only then can you be considered the winner and pick the victor of The House, plus view the theater mode.

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