Sex game with cheerleader 3

Welcome to sex game with cheerleader 3! We need to help the poor girl loose some weightand get her self respect back. She will run througha number of exercises, with your help of course. To play the game, simply advance through the storysection, then choose which exercise to perform.You can do them in any order.Once the exercise starts, you must click with yourleft mouse button anywhere on the screen, when theball on the bottom is over the highlighted areas onthe bar. If done right, you should hear a click andthe weight loss marker on the right will go up.This is all there is to it. Once you’ve done all theexercises, you need to let her rest a little. She’lldo a lot more than rest too, advancing to the nextlevel of play.There are FOUR (4) endings in the sex video games. We won’ttell you how to get them. You’ll have to figure itout for yourself. But get all 4 endings, they areworth it!!!!

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