Virtual sex game so far…We have previously seen that this is notreally Leann. It is Sally. Sally’s entityhas changed her appearance to look likeLeann, in order to move to Sea SideManor. Why? We don’t know yet… So far so good. Nobody hasnoticed or suspected that Iam not Leann. I hope we cankeep up this appearance…What should I call you anyway? You don’t! I will know when you need help and will come. Remember that I’m always near by and when the time comes, you will know my name. Right now just worry about theguest who is coming to see you.Act naturally and don’t let her suspect anything. I sense this one is trouble some! Yo Leann! What’s up? Now that the Christmas craziness isdone, I thought I’d come in andcheck up on you. You know…like old times? Oh hey, Kim! Thanks for coming to check on me. Friends like us have to stick together. Maybe we can go shopping later on, buy me some new out fits. So who are you anyway? Leann and I were never friends, so Iknow there is something going onhere. Tell me who you are oryou’re in big ass trouble! Kim, I don’t know what you’retalking about… just because wewere not friends before, thatdoesn’t mean we can’t start now!It’s me, Leann! You may have fooled the otherairheads, but you can’t fool me!You may look like Leann, but you are not her, you don’t actlike Leann, that’s for sure! Kim, just calm down! Who elsewould I be, looking just likeLeann? You think I’m her twinsister or something? Now justlet me go!!! I don’t believe you! I will get the truth out of you and I’ll probably have a lot of fun doing it!So speak up and make thing seasier for your self. Oh my god! You need to stopwhat you’re doing or you’regoing to make me cum and I’vecome more than enough lately!I don’t need this now! Shit! That must be the fastestorgasmI’ve ever had. Kim, youmust really know…What the hell? What is going on?I feel like… What the fuck? What in theworld just happened. You are me!No, I am you! You… can’t be mebecause I am me! Oh shit! I amso confused! HAHA!!! Now you’ve done it!You pissed off my entity friendand he’ll show you not to messwith us! You should have leftme alone!

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