Pleasure sex shop 3

Welcome to the pleasure shop in Chinatown, London. You set up this store to find Christ and Nikki who were kidnapped during the summer impressive tournament. You know they’re being held in Chinatown, but they don’t know exactly where. So, you have created a pleasure shop in order to attract the “right” people and find potential customers about the whereabouts of the two missing girls. Today you will visit from President Yakuza himself, a very dangerous man and a man who will know where our girls are in captivity. But how would he make him tell you?
How to play sex games … To advance story scenes, you have to click on the bubbles of the context or other hot spots across the screen. During interactive animated scenes you have to press the right pressure points to excite your client. These sports are represented as green dots on the bottom left of the screen. Click on the panel as the white dots overlap the green pressure spots. If the donor, the bill will increase. Get the same high score as you before the time runs out.

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