Nursing home

You bring your new girlfriend to meet your grandmother in a nursing home. She’ll tell you you’re finally in a serious relationship, not a free fuck games. Hi grandma! I brought someone to meet you. Her name is adriana. We just got engaged and hope to get married soon. Is she real or did she blow up the doll like the last one? You do not agree with a serious relationship. But I’d be happy if it was true … Hey, nice to meet you. My name is adriana, and I’m very right, as you can see. What’s up? I’ve heard a lot about you from your grandson. Why don’t you go with your grida coffee and let me talk to Adriana alone for a while. Now, I’ve got to McAfee awake. Everything’s in order… go ahead and get some coffee. I’ll be fine with her. She seems like a sweet old lady, we won’t have any problems. Why don’t you sit on the couch, sweetheart. We can talk to … I love my grandson, even if he can be annoying sometimes. Do you love him? Of course, I love it! We’ll get married soon and see you at our wedding. We haven’t set a date yet. But it’s coming soon!

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