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Hey girls, this is gonna be a great party and free xxx games!!! Lets play something really fun, something like scare and strip. That would be a blast!!! Excuse me, Lindsey… How do youplay this game? I have never heard of itin Japan. Please explainit to me. It’s very simple. We each tell a scarry story and undress each other. But we have tokeep the story going inorder to undress theother girl! Yes, we have touse our imagination and make up a scarry story and have some fun while doing it. It’s a lot of fun, believe me! GREAT!!! That sounds like funand I’m really good at scarry stories. We have lots of scarry movies in Japan. Lets do it! Alrighty! You there behind the camera… You can have some fun too… maybe.Do you need instructions or do you know what you’redoing? For scene 1, there are 2 things you need to do. First you must select which girl will interact with another girl. For example to have Lucy touch Lindsey breasts with her hand, youclick on Lucy’s hand first, then Lindsey’s breasts. You will hear a sound if done right. Then to remove the girl’s clothing simply click on the part of clothing to remove. Like click on the bra to remove the bra and so on. It’s very simple. We’ll give you more instructions for scene 2 later!

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