Invisible x lover

It is very easy to be a ghost! The objective is to use your ghostpowers to undress the girl andhopefully get to have your firstsexual encounter in your non soliddead form.How to do this? Simply use items around the room.Move your mouse pointer to discover hot spots/items you canuse. When your mouse pointer isover a hot spot, it will change shape! Each scene also has at least 1 hiddencamera angle. You must find thesebefore advancing scenes. Thereare 32 total in the free sex game, indicated byyour score display. If you don’t find too many, you will be able to view the poor ending. Find 30 or more for the BEST ending. I couldn’twait to get home. Trafficwas terrible and now I am sohungry! But I’m too tired to eatright now. Maybe I’ll take a napthen eat a little later. I’ll justput on my slippers andgo to bed. Looks like shewent to sleep, now is yourchance to get some of thoseclothes off. But how will you dothat? Try not to scare or wakeher up, be smart about it! A knife?!What are you going to dowith a knife?! Good idea cutting offthe buttons on her blouse!Too bad she felt it rightbefore finishing the job.

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