This sex game online is self explanatory. Just read through the story and make note of the hints posted at the bottom of the screen. They’ll show up through out the porn game.Note about sex scenes:- To speed up or slow down, click on thePLUS and MINUS signs on the bottom right of the screen.Otherwise, read the story, read the hints posted and you’ll know exactly what to do in the xxx flash game.Enjoy the free porn game and don’t forget to check back on the PlaySexyGame.com for part 2!
The story thus far…Kim wanted to go out Trick or Treating for Halloween but her friend said they’re too old for this kids “game.” So Kim dressed up in a goth out fit and went out by herself,stopping in a spooky cemeteryon the way back home. All alone in the cemetery with all the spooky graves,tomb stones and mysterious mausoleums, Kim got really horny. She didn’t understand why, but went with it… As if in a trance, Kim started taking off her clothes under the bright moon light. She ripped off her skirt, took off one of her boots and sat on the cold tomb. All her clothes now off, Kimgave in to her temptation and just laid back on the unknown tomb, on the verge of orgasm.No choice but to… play with her pussy and cumall over the sacred ground.”Wow! I don’t know what came over me… it was like I was possesed by a spirit. But now I’m better.” But instead of going home…”What is this? A door in the middle of the cemetery?I wonder where it goes? I got to check it out. I better put my boots on for this.” Oh wow! Look at this room! It looks like a morgue! And that compartment has been opened! Calm down Kim,I’m sure it’s nothing! Look stairs going down… Oh shit! Now this is starting to creep me out. This underground room is full of glass pods and drums full ofgreen liquid. One is borken too. Should I go further???

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