Final pleasure in sex shop

WELCOME,To the final episode of the free erotic games.This sex games online is divided into 2 parts: Part 1…You must free Geena from her bonds, but youmust also be careful of the Chinese Mafia members.Talk to Geena and advance the conversation byclicking on the conversation bubble. When you seea flashing recatangle to the sides of the screen, clickit to turn that way. Then click on the mafia men toshoot them, before they shoot you. If they shootyou first, try again.When you clear the mafia men, click on Geena’sbonds to untie her.Repeat this until she is free!
Part 2…You found the 3 girls, but they don’t want to comewith you unless you can prove you can please themsexually. They will not help you at all!Advance the conversation by clicking on the talkbubbles.Then click on different parts of the girls to try andplease them. If done correctly, the score will go up.If not, you will see a very upset face pop up!You can move between the girls by clicking on thesides of the screen!Later in the game, you will be able to give the girlsgifts and use different sex toys on them. Simplyclick on the gift, to give it to the girl in front of you.Or click on the sex toy to use it!You must have a high enough score to continueto each of the 3 rounds!

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