Final dreamscape

Welcome to Dreamscape, Final!Most of the free 3d sex game has instructions at the bottom of the screen. These appear before eachaction scene and also contain HINTS. Please read them to get the most enjoyment outof this free sex game.To advance the story, click anywhere on the screen. Sometimes there are certain hot spotsthat you need to find. For example, click on Sue’s skirt to remove it or click on theright side of the screen to look at the sex toys.HINT! There is no game over. If you want to just watch the animated scenes for a while,you can do so for as long as you want. Then continue when ready. There is no penalty forjust letting the animation run, except that the orgasm bar will empty, but then you canfill it right back up.The objective of the first part of animated scenes is to get the Dream God excited. Watchhim masturbating. If he looks like he’s going faster, that means you’re doing the rightthing. If not, try different toy combinations.Ok, now lets start the game and remember to read the instructions that will appearthroughout the interactive sex games.
The story so far…In the last episode we were able to locate the one responsible for all the nightmares (seeDreamscape 1 & 2). This person was none other than Sue. Then we walked in on Sue, asshe was in a trance and tried to wake her up to no avail. Perhaps an orgasm would snapher out of it?And this is where we are now… Sue is still in a trance, with you working on making herorgasm.

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