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PART 1 Today, we have four girls competing fortwo spots. Help us choose the nextSea Side Manor girls.You will get to know each girl a little better and atthe end, you can cast your vote. Hello???I’m here for my interviewfor the Sea Side Manoropenings…Anyone here?This is strange…. Welcome…Thank you for coming andbeing on time.I wish you good luck, nowlets proceed with the”interview”… What?! Who said that?Are you behind…Nope… nobody behind me.Ok, what’s the big idea?Please show yourself…This is creepy! Just follow my instructionsif you want to continue…If not, you may leave atany time.Now… open the left drawerin the pink desk. Well… ok. I really wantthis bad! So I will do asyou say.The left drawer… lets seewhat’s inside.I’ll play along. Once you open it, pleaseput the article inside on and don’t take it off untilyou are told.Follow all our instructionswithout question. A blindfold? Hm… thisis a little kinky… just don’tdo anything bad to me,alright?Ok, what should I do now? Don’t worry. Just do asyou’re told and nothingbad will happen.Now stand up straight withyour arms out. Oh god… this interview isgetting a little weird. ButI knew it’d be a sex thing,that’s why I wore this olddress.Alright… I’m ready!

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