Fence fuck

One day as you’re walking in the country, you spot avery funny thing… A woman looks stuck in a fence. She’s funny, as she’ssquirming, trying to get herself out. Excuse me!!!Is someone back there?Hey, I need some help here,don’t walk on by and leaveme stuck in here. I’ve beentrying to get out for hours without any luck. HAHAHA!!!!That’s funny! How in theworld did you get stuck inthat fence? Have you triedgoing forward, backing up,tried anything? Well, I gotto take a picture of this! Don’t you dare take a pic of me like this. It is notfunny! So stop laughingand do something useful and help me get out. I triedeverything I can think of andnothing worked. Alright, alright… don’t getso excited. I will try and getyou out of there.Lucky for you I’m just onmy way back from shopping Ok… we need some…LUBRICATION!This bottle of oil should dothe trick. I’ll get you niceand oily, then you should beable to slip right out from the fence. And I have an idea of getting you out. Well…. ok.It sounds pretty embarassingbut I need to get out of herebefore my friends see me likethis. Do what you need to doto get me out, but hurry up,will you? Alright, we need toget your legs and thoselarge hips all oily! Lift Christie’s skirt by click and dragging it upwards. You need to get her big butt all oily! Hey, this is pretty hot!Me oiling some girl’sbutt! Alright! Nice! Now I gotta dothe same from the other side. Oh man, this is gonnabe great! Oiling a hotgirl’s chest! Ok. Now I’ll go behindyou and push you out.It should work! Almost got it!Push harder I’m almostout! This isn’t working, butI have another idea.I’ll be back…Christie waits and then waits some more…2 hours later… Sorry about making youwait for so long. I had togo over to my girlfriend’shouse and borrow some um..accessories.How about we have somefun a little? Fun? Oh my! What are those things you’re holding?You don’t mean…. what?Well… I never did have anorgasm while stuck in afence… Ok, but promise toget me out when we’re done. HEY! Why are youtying up my feet? I’m not into bondage. Play bdsm sex games and fuck sexy girl.

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