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the 3d sex game so far…welcome to the exclusive loungeat the previous comic, we sawchristie and geena dress up inhot outfits to go to comic-con.after taking in the sites andcausing a little mayhem, they meta nerd dressed up as someadventurer, then were invited tothis exclusive lounge. not wantingto pass up this chance for a littlefun, they agreed. of course! alright, ladies. follow me.i’m sure you’ll love thisplace. it’s still early, sonot many people here yet.but that’s perfect for us! why don’t we have a seatat the booth. my nameis robb, by the way. whatare your names, i mean realnames, not the characters. i’m christie! name’s geena! nice to meet you christie &geena. why don’t we getto know each other betterand have a little fun? youtwo are super sexy!!!
how to play sex games:click on the speak icons as indicated above to speak to either on various “hot spots” to interact with the girls. for exampleclicking on a girl’s breasts, will get robb to touch her there.touch/rub the girl until she speaks to you. you cancontinue touching her, but when she says something, you know thatyou can stop and move on to something else.hold mouse over hot spot during the sex scene to perform action.once you get the girls horny enough (interact with all thehot spots), they might even take their clothes off for you.when you talk to a girl, pick the dialog option that you thinkwill work best with her.

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