Hello, Professor. I got your message that you wanted to see me. What is that? I’m comfortable being here … in your house. I’m sure you know why you’re here, Jasmine. This is because you were caught cheating on their final exam. I want to know why you did it! Fuck! So if you know I lied, then why ask me questions? Why not just kick me out or turn me on or whatever you want to do? Because I want to give you a chance to tell me your side. Why are you cheating? You tend to be such a good student and come from a good family. What the hell did I just notice! You lifted my skirt? You pervert! Don’t think you can have your way with me just because I cheated the test! How can you think I should have done anything? It was the wind. There’s a project coming from the door behind you. Now, sit on this chair so we can talk.
HOW to PLAY SEX GAMES: select one of the items on the right to interact with Jasmin.Reise its the wave bar to win. There are 4 endings based on what you do and say to her. Close it from above or from below for a hotter spot. To take off your clothes, use the hand thing and click and drag the garment. Remember that from time to time to talk to her, using the element of discussion.

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