Bondage sex game

Oh man, what happened?How did I end up chainedhere? Oh, I remember…the drink… this must bethe initiation!
That’s right, this is yourinitiation. I’ll do whatever I want to you and towin, you must not orgasmuntil the end.Heh, that’ll be no problemfor me. I’ve had lots ofpractice playing withmyself and I can hold itfor a long time. Alright, if you say so, butit won’t be as easy as youthink. I’m an expert atthis.So lets get started play sex games! First click on one of the devices on theright side of the screen to select it.Then use it on Selena, by clicking onthe her body part.To remove her clothes, select the handicon, and click and DRAG her clothesDOWN.You can also zoom in, turn her aroundand pull her legs up by clicking on theappropriate icons.

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