Ambers sex date

Alright! After being out ofthe loop for so long, I’m excited for my first sex date…He’s a little late though,that’s never a good sign!Oh well… I hope he’s worththe wait. Nice of the girls to put upthis nice Christmas treefor me. They all welcomedme back a lot nicer thanI had hoped for, even Kimwas happy to see me. Sheis still a bitch though! What the heck am I doing?Why am I standing herewaiting for this guy? OkAmber, lets chill out, atleast I’ll sit and do some-thing until he shows up.Don’t be so eager!! Only problem is I’m gettinghorny waiting for him. Ididn’t pleasure myself lastnight, like I always do. I wanted to be really hornyfor my date today. He hasbetter show up soon! Ah, there he is!!!”Peter! I’ve been waitingfor you to show up. You’rea little late, aren’t you?””Hey, come over here.” Ok, dude… I hope you’vegot a good reason for being late and keeping alady waiting.I do like the way you’redressed though. During the dialog scenes 3d sex game, choose one of the two options for Peter. You choice will affect the interactive sex games outcome.

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