Adult sex game cheerleader pt4

Hi there, big boy…Since I’ve gotten in shape I seem to attract a lot more men. But for you… I’ll let you do what ever you want to me.Just me me cum! Ok?But not so fast… do you need instructions?
Here’s how to play free sex games:Level 1…Simply move the hand over my body and hold down the mouse button to perform an action. If done right, the bar on the right will fill. If done wrong, you will hear me complain about it AND the bar will NOT fill. If that happens, choose a different part of my body.There are 6 different parts of my body to play with for each of the three levels.Level 2…Played the same as level 1. Level 3…Is played the same way, but with one exception. You must first choose one of the three objects on the bottom right of the screen. Which one to use on which body part? That is the question…Intermissions…These happen between levels.In the first one, you must click on my clothes to remove them. Second intermission,you must run your hand over my body to work me up in a sweat and get me horny for the finale.Win by making me cum!

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