Adult game on Marry Christmas

INSTRUCTIONS :You are in a porno photo shoot for a Special Christmas special that also focuses on sexy breast fetish. You need to take a series of photosand videos of your model, Tanya.At your disposal in the scene are a number ofmale models as well as different props orsex toys. Use them! To look around the scenepress the LEFT and RIGHT arrows at thebottom right of the screen. Then click on anobject or model to select/use it.To take photos, simply click on any part of themodel. There are two photos per setting. Yourtotal score for the shoot can be 56!During the video filming session, you must focus your camera.
To do this, you must overlapthe two slides. Control the right slide with thearrow keys on your keyboard and the left slidewith the A, S, D, W keys.Now lets START interactive sex games!

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