Nerds Sweet Revenge

The hero of free sex games is a guy named Floyd. He lives with his stepmother and sister and constantly tolerates bullying from them. This hot milf is FLoyd’s stepmother. She is just crazy about her daughter and hates her nerdy stepson. Where do you think you’re going, you lil shit? I see you haven’t finished your chores. Let me go! I have to dash, my journalist group starting in 5 minutes! Hey, kids! What’s going on here? Floyd refuses to do his chores! Again! What’s the matter with you, young man? You should do as your older sister says. Darcia is a pretty clever girl. Otherwise I’ll have to tell your father that I caught you masturbating in bathroom. But I can’t miss my journalist group. I prepared a speech for today. It’s not a big deal! Damn… My life is a total mess… Floyd’s misadventures just keep coming. Watch your steps, you baby chicken!

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