3d sex toys

Hi, I’m the sex toy demorep. Thanks for schedulingthe appointment. I’m hereto show you our selection.Where can I set up?
HINT: Click anywhere on the screen 3d sex game to advance bdsm game scenes like this one. Hey! Come in! I’ve beenwaiting for you to get here.I hope this is an interactive sex games because I’m horny justthinking about it. Eh, sure… it can be asinteractive as you’d like. Wecater to our customers. Sowhere can I set up my demotable? Yeah… before you set up,why don’t you help me undomy zipper on the back ofthis bustier? I can’t reachback there very easy. Awesome but go down allthe way, I want to take thisoff. I thought it looked sexyonline but it’s way too tighton me. That’s very good! So howmany sex toys did you bringwith you?Did you bring all the onesI selected online? But before that… since thisis going to be interactive,why don’t you help me byremoving my panties?Don’t be shy… Oh come on… you sellfucking sex toys and you’retoo shy to remove mypanties? Hurry up, removemy panties, all the way! Sorry, not all customerswant me to take off theirclothes as soon as I walk into their home. So wherecan I set up my demo? Why don’t you set it upright here on the floor in front of me? But first takeoff my boots. They feel sotight on my feet… Awesome, now take off theother one too. I’m veryanxious to see these sextoys you guys are so famousfor. Great!!!Alright then, why don’t youlay out your sexy toys righthere on the floor, in frontof me? Look at all those awesomelooking sex toys!!!Which one should I samplenext? Oh, that’s a nice one!Come on! Show mehow it works…Turn it on!HINT: Hold mouse over hot spot until orgasm bar is fully green. Hey, I really like thatone. It was prettygood, but…Let me see more! I really liked this one,I want to try it again.It felt soooo good!Turn it on! Oh wow! That was sofucking intesnse! Ithink I want this one!I’m gonna cum!

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