Sex tortures

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INSTRUCTIONS In this 3d sex game you must get Jasmin to tell you where she hid the stolen jewelry box.There are two meters in free interactive sex games, displayed on the bottom of the game window.Give Up meter – fill this in order to get closer to getting Jasmin to reveal her secret Anger meter – you don’t want to fill this meter before Jasmin reveals her secretTorture devices: (can be set for “m”anual mode or “a”utomatic mode)club – can be used on mouth, breasts and pussy – move the mouse left and right tomove the clubpolice night stick – works the same as the clubelectric prod – hold down the mouse button over Jeasmin’s stomach to use it. Letgo of the mouse button to stop using itpaddle – can be used on Jasmin’s breasts, face and butt. Press “Q” to quit using it.The club, night stick and prod will raise the Give Up meter. The paddle will lowerthe Anger meter. Use both to keep the meters in balance.Use all the devices to win the game!Click on the police officer’s clothes to remove them when prompted.Click anywhere on the screen to advance the dialog.

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