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So you want to shoot your own porn film and to play the sex game. To be successful, follow these steps: 1. Select one of the two scenes at the bottom of the flash porn game window. This will spread the film in different directions. There are 30 completely different scenes. To shoot the first ending, you first shoot 12 different scenes. To shoot the Grand finale, you have to shoot all 30 scenes! The score represents the number of scenes you have shot. Shooting the same twicewill scene doesn’t count as two different scenes! In EASY difficulty you need to align only a single frame. The other is the default center. NOTE: IN part 2 for a Porn Director, some scenes may not be good! You must follow the correct sequence in order to move forward. Note the number of the RETAKES at the top of the game screen. That’s how many retries / attempts you have. The correct sequence is easy to find … doing what makes sense. For example, if you have already removed hershorts, do not select this option again. If she is already naked, do not select the option to have her clothes on and so on. When you choose a scene, you have to align your camcorder with these controls: that’s it. Good luck in your career!

In this flash porn game you will get to know Dan....
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