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Instructions: This free sex game is played from 2 points of view, you play both male and male character. Mile: select from the list at the bottom of the screen which move you want to make. If you select the wrong choice, it will be locked and you will leave one item. Select the correct choice and then immediately press the keyboard button that appears at the bottom of the screen. If you do it right, you get one more point added to your score. You must have certainscore to jump to each of the three stages of the game. Female: during the animated sex scenes you have to keep Sheena fromorgasming. To do this, click on the Crosshair target at the bottom right of the screen as fast as you can to lower the meter to her orgasm. If the meter fills, it loses. After the game is over, you will be able to play all the new images and animations. Like a whole new game, the same rules apply. In this corner… we have SHEENA, Queen of the Jungle.This is Sheena’s first time in our competiton. Take it easy on her! And in this corner… a veteran here, MARKUS!!!!But wait, Markus is not what he seems…. It is MARKUS, the Sex Demon!!!

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