Pleasure shop part 2

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Welcome to the pleasure shop, in the Chinatown districtof London. You have set up this shop in order to findChristie and Nikki who have been kidnapped during thelast Summer Spectacular Tournament. You know theyare being held in Chinatown, but don’t know exactly where.So you set up the Pleasure Shop in order to attract the”right” people and find leads as to the whereabouts of thetwo missing girls.Today comes your second client, Adriana. Hopefully shewill be able to lead you to the two missing girls. We’llhave to listen to her fantasy and devise a way to make her talk!
How to play bdsm sex games…To advance the story scenes, you must click on either thetext bubbles or on other hotspots throughout the screen.During the interactive animated scenes, you must pushthe right pressure spots to excite your client. Thesespots are represented as green dots on the bottom leftof the screen. Click using your mouse, on the bar, as thewhite dot overlaps the green pressure spots. If doneright, the score will increase. Get as high a score as youcan before the time runs out.
How to play… part 2You don’t need to click on the green dots. You just needto click on the bar itself, but time your click so the whitedot overlaps the green pressure spot(s).There is no game over. If you don’t score high enough, youcan just try that scene again, with no penalty.If you manage to finish the game, you will be able to viewall the animated scenes in the Movie Theater. Now letsstart the virtual sex game!

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