Nadias sex initiation

WELCOME TO NADIA’S INITIATION. Nadia just moved in to Sea Side Manor and Selena took it upon herself to administer the needed sex initiation. Well, not really NEEDED, but Selena wanted to do it anyway. With your help, Selenawill have some fun with her new room mate. Play sex game is self explanatory. However, a few things to know…1. To advance through the story dialog, either click anywhere on the screen or on specific hotspots. HINT: clicking on the right side of the screen at a certain part of the game will changethe view to the night table and a certain pink sex toy.2. Once Nadia is on the bed, Selena will need to find some sex toys. Click on the red arrow, then click on the drawers in the cabinet to find different sex devices. Click on a sex device touse it. You can use them in any order. Use all of them to move on to the next part.3. Photo op! One part of the game has Selena tying up Nadia. Now you must take pictures ofthe girls for Selena’a personal album. Take 2 pictures of each of the 4 angles for a total of 8pictures, to advance. To take a picture, move the camera icon over a hot spot and click themouse button. To change camera angles, click on the buttons on the bottom left of the screen.4. Lesbian Sex! Move the mouse over the hot spot (no clicking needed) to perform the action.At some point, Nadia will ask you to go slower or faster. Click on the Slow/Fast buttons on thelower left of the screen. Fill the excitement meter to move on.5. Sex for three! You will get a chance to have sex with both Selena and Nadia at the same time.Switch between the two girls by clicking on the bottons on the lower left of the screen. If theexcitement meter isn’t filling any more, switch to the other girl.

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