Merry xxx christmas

THE WORLD OF CHRISTMAS! Santa’s here to see his girlfriend, Ellie. But other girls want their gifts to be the first. So you have to please each of the five girls to visit the ally. To do this you have to find the right gift for every girl. To gift a gift, you click on your bag from Santa Claus, at the bottom right of the screen, after saying goodbye to the girl. The problem is that you start, you don’t have good gifts. So talk to the girls, have sex with them, do whatever it takes. If you like a girl, she will give you something that in turn you can give to another girl. You have to give the right gift to each of the first 5 girls to go to the ally.

FREE SEX GAME SCENE: Play sex scene, hold the mouse pointer over a hot spot. Keep an eye on the increase in the level of excitement. When the meter no longer rises, let the girl rest a little and then move the cursor over the hot spot again to fuck her faster and stronger! ELK: you’re supposed to put lotion on Ellie, move the mouse pointer and return to her body, until it becomes a beautiful and beautiful! HISTORY: to promote your story, tap either a specific hotspot or anywhere on the screen.

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