Getting back home

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Added: 5 months ago

Category: Interactive

Ok, I heard the marine guys talking about a way to restore things to the way they were. But they’re being very quiet about it… I needto find out more!!! Click anywhere on the screen to advance game porn scenes, like this one. I suspect they’re keeping it a secret because they don’t really want to go back.But I do!!! I’m tired of being stuck on this ship with the ugly metal walls! I thought maybe we woul dfind a suitable planet to settle on. But these guys don’t look like they’re making much progress to wards that. They just want to stay on the ship. So… I’m going to go talk tothe other girls about it. Maybe they overheard someof the same things or maybe they know more than me. We need to band together! Hopefully they want to getback too. If not, I will have to convince them. This is nolife being stuck on this stupid ship. Nothing ever happens and nothing ever WILL! Choose a destination on the map to visit that room.

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