Elena part 1

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Would you like instructions on play free sex games?Important!!!- if this is your first time playingthis episode or if you are havingproblems completing it, you SHOULD read the instructions and the hints section!
Screen Setup:- main window shows the current scene.- lower blue bar shows a number ofuseful information: – white ball in the middle shows the number of continues you have left. – white ball is also clickable at the end of a scene. – left of white ball shows YOUR dialog options. – right of white ball shows Elena’s dialog.- bag in the right/bottom corner of thegame screen is your inventory. Clickon this to open inventory.- Elena sad face appears in the topleft of the screen if you make anincorrect choice in the inventory.- sometimes you may also click on Elena’s clothing.- during sex scenes, you will havecontrol over a “sex toy”.
3d Sex Game Flow 2:- sometimes you may reach an animatedscene.- here you will have control over a sex toy. Move the sex toy with yourmouse (no need to click) over Elena’sbody part.- the objective is to raise the EXCITEMENT BAR to the maximumlevel before the TIME REMAINING baris empty.- to accomplish this, you must movethe sex toy back and forth over theparticular body part. You need to befast but not TOO fast.- if you fail, you may try again or justadvance to the next scene. You willloose 1 continue if you do so, but thegame will not be over.
Free interactive sex games Flow 1:- current scene will be displayed alongwith Elena’s comment at the bottom.- you now have a few choices: eitheryou may click on a part of Elena’sbody or you may open the inventoryand select an item from there.- incorrect item selected, Elena’s sadface will be displayed on the screen.- correct item or action taken, nextpart of the scene will be displayed.- two dialog options available at bottomof the screen.- choose what to say to Elena.- based on your selection, Elena willrespond accordingly.- there is one right and one wrongchoice.- now click on the white ball at thebottom to advance to next scene.

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