Busty slut Lena

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Hey, you there…Yeah, you! Can you come here, please? I’ve been waiting all naked for a long time….Oh, you’re just the lightingguy? Sorry… where is the photographer? It’s cold andI’m getting tired of waiting for him to show up.You have no idea? Oh, ok…Well, how about you keepme company until he showsup? You’re pretty cute andI’m horny…
PORN GAME INSTRUCTIONS: Get the lighting guy to have sex with Elena and make her cum! Clicking on different parts of Elena’s body (boobs / butt) willallow you to interact with them. Get her horny enough, then finishher off to make her cum!Hover mouse pointer over the hot spot to perform actions. Remove pointer, to stop. Fill the bar on the right to make her cum andwin the sex game online. If the bar no longer fills, move on to a different partof her body. Click to START.
How do you like my big boobs? They’re pretty soft but firm at the same time.I like playing with them, it really turns me on. I love you squeezing myass like that! It really turns me on…You almost got me… just a little more and I’ll cum. Oh yeah, that’s it… keep going just a little longer and you got me! I’m gonna have the biggest orgasm ever!!!
You almost got me but you aren’t quite there… yet!Don’t give up though, youare doing the right thing…just a little more… Oh yeah, baby!!! That wasan incredible orgasm! And look… the photographeris here, finally!

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