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Please read Tara’s comic book,for the free sex game background. Here we find Tara at the FBIHead quarters shower room,after having passed the veryrigurous physical evaluationand mental toughness test.She’s going to relax a little,take a shower, get dressed andhead back to Sea Side Manorto look for the spy.Click anywhere on the screen to advance the story sequences.Oh man, I’m happy I passed that test. I just want to takea shower and relax a little right now.I’m exhausted! Sometimes you have to click and drag on a hot spot to perform a certain action. What the hell?!It felt like someone pulled mytowel down.But…. I don’t see anyonehere. Creepy… must be my crazyimagination. The towel wasprobably loose and it fell off.Lets take that shower andrelax a little.I’m glad they’re having thedrill and there’s no onearound. I get to have theshowers all to myself.So nice and quiet!HEY! Who’s there???I couldn’t have imagined ittwice! Someone is here andthey pulled my towel down.But I don’t see anyone…Hm… This is very weird.I’ll pretend it never happenedand go on with my shower.But… did they? No, they couldn’t have.Ahhh…. this is much better,so relaxing. I love feelingthe water droplets on mybody.It makes me horny too! I’ll just stay here for a whileand enjoy the water.I gotta wonder who the spyis at Sea Side Manor? Oneof the new girls? Alright, who the fuck turnedthe water off? At first Ithought I was imagining it,but now it’s gotten serious.Did they finish developing? UGH!!! What the fuck!Did they actually finishdeveloping the invisibility technology? I know theywere working on it.

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