3d sex with Amber

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Hey! do you need to clean theroom? sorry…am i in yourway?
INSTRUCTIONS…you found amber nude in the living room.she also wants you to play 3d sex game with her, with her new dildo!hover your mouse over her pussy to use the dildo on her.keep an eye on the orgasm bar. to win, you must fill it!but sometimes it will stop… amber doesn’t like a lotof repetition!so when it stops, smack amber’s face with the big dildo, HARD!to do this, simply click on her face. this will gether going againif amber has a big orgasm, you win!!!click anywhere to begin sex games 3d. do you wantme to move or doyou want to help me out with something? shit!stop hitting me withthat stupid rubberdildo. i can’t holdit anymore! oh yeah!i really like that!you made me sofucking wet! lets do it again!

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